Lachlan Dickson

Technical Director

Most of Lachlan’s experience comes from working in large and small consultancies, as well as in the rail industry, where he has held roles in both operational and engineering teams. Lachlan’s role spans solution architecture/design, testing and config/data management.

Jack Vallis

Senior Data Engineer

Every client Jack has ever worked for has asked Jack to do more work for them afterwards. Jack is good at making sure his work is targeting the core business needs of our clients. He has a bunch of experience building dashboards (Power BI, Tableau) automating data flows (Python, SQL, Databricks) and building web applications (Flask, .Net).

Oliver Di Pietro

Data Engineer

The new kid on the block, but not for long. Oliver is a technical powerhouse with a background in maths and statistics. He can learn and implement new technologies faster than most people who have worked with them for years.

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